Mosquito Menace: Protect Your Home and Health From Mosquitos Today

Mosquitoes are small blood-sucking pests that may not appear as repulsive as other infestations, but their potential dangers can be life-threatening. In Georgia and Alabama, the warm and humid climates make mosquitoes a common pest throughout the year.

Addressing mosquito infestations is crucial due to their ability to spread viruses such as West Nile, dengue, and Zika, as well as parasites like malaria.

Mosquitoes can thrive even in the presence of small amounts of water around your home, making effective treatments necessary to alleviate irritation from bites and prevent the transmission of harmful diseases.

What are the benefits of getting mosquito treatment?

The warm climates of Georgia and Alabama provide an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes, with peak breeding seasons typically occurring from March to October.

Even a small puddle of water near your home can be enough for mosquitoes to lay eggs and multiply.

While mosquito bites can be irritating, the health risks they pose are far more concerning.

Eliminating mosquitoes is essential for the following reasons:

1. Health Benefits

Uncontrolled mosquito populations can quickly grow and infiltrate your home, hiding in corners and hard-to-reach places. Mosquitoes can be difficult to eliminate due to their small size and ability to fly.

A young girl is looking at a mosquito bite she just got while sitting outside in her backyard

At Tabor Pest Control, we know when mosquito season begins and how to effectively control their populations, including necessary preventive measures.

Improved health benefits from mosquito treatment include:

  1. Reduced risk of diseases
  2. Enhanced quality of life

2. Environmental Benefits

Though mosquitoes can be dangerous and irritating, not all species are harmful to humans or the environment.

Of the over 3,500 mosquito species, most play crucial roles in pollination, consuming microorganisms, and serving as a food source for predators.

A Tabor Pest Control ad for mosquito control services

Targeting specific disease-carrying species while preserving ecological balance is best achieved with professional assistance.

3. Economic Benefits

Various cost-effective methods can prevent mosquito breeding indoors and outdoors.

Some of these include:

Professional mosquito treatments can address large water bodies, such as lakes, and our team at Tabor Pest Control can effectively apply larvicides and outdoor adulticides to eliminate these pests.


What are three common methods to control mosquitoes?

Eliminating breeding grounds, applying larvicides, and spraying insecticides on large water bodies are all effective ways to control mosquito populations.

Are mosquitoes a big problem in Georgia?

Due to the warm weather in Georgia, the mosquitos have several months to multiply and grow in number from March to October, which are the summer months.

Does Alabama have a bad mosquito situation?

Alabama is among the top ten states with mosquito issues, hosting nearly 60 species. It’s safe to say that they are quite common in Alabama, and something you’d want to control around your home.

How long does a mosquito treatment last?

A mosquito treatment lasts about 30 days, after which the treatment becomes less effective. It’s important to get treatments done every month during the breeding season to ensure they don’t get a chance to grow in numbers.

Bug Off! 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Battling Household Pests

The most common season for pests is spring and summer, when they like to form colonies or hide inside your home. With such inviting weather in the south, these unwanted guests tend to last longer throughout the year.

It can be annoying to deal with pests on your own and sometimes even challenging when you find a whole colony settled on your property. At this point, taking immediate action to terminate pests is much needed.

An ignorance towards pests is like giving a direct invitation to keep growing. But that’s not the only mistake you should avoid when dealing with pests.

We at Tabor Pest Control care for your home, so it’s better to seek advice from our experts about common mistakes to avoid when dealing with pests.

Mistake #1: Neglecting prevention

Let’s say you find a couple of spider webs in your attic. You decide to spray bug spray all over and hope whatever couple of spiders you have will die and won’t cause an issue in the future.

According to you, it’s obviously nothing to be worried about since you didn’t see spiders with your naked eye. Since it’s in the attic, you don’t think it would be much trouble as they’re mostly harmless.

Though spiders are considered one of the most harmless creatures and good for our ecosystem, some species are still quite poisonous.

You can’t guarantee that a simple bug spray will eradicate all spiders from your house, and they might be hiding somewhere you don’t know about, including small nooks and crannies in your home.

The best advice would be to call a professional from Tabor Pest Control for effective and immediate treatments.

Our experts can recognize a poisonous spider and find a suitable treatment to deal with things.

Tips to prevent pests

A homeowner just put all his dry foods into air-tight containers to help prevent pests from entering the home

Here’re a few tips to prevent any pests from entering your home or property:

  1. Remove sources of food, water, and shelter.
  2. Store your food in containers with tight lids. Don’t leave any food out in the open. Dispose of your garbage carefully.
  3. When throwing away food waste, tie the bag properly and put it in tightly covered lid cans. Don’t let the garbage pile up; clear it out each day.
  4. Fix any leaks in your home, and don’t let water accumulate inside your home or outside the property.
  5. Don’t leave their food or water open overnight if you have pets.
  6. Get rid of accumulated waste inside and outside the home, like papers, piles of wood, and so on.
  7. Close any places you see open where pests can enter and hide, such as a hole in the porch.
  8. Keep your doors closed when not in use.
  9. Check your packages before taking them inside to see if there’re any pests.

Mistake #2: Using DIY remedies without proper knowledge

Of course, you can get rid of pests on your own if you know the specific species infesting your property and effective ways to deal with them.

When we find a pest, most people tend to spray different kinds of bug spray, believing the pests will die and the job is done. But you’re solving the issue on the surface without knowing that there could be a whole colony of them infesting your house somewhere you don’t know about.

This DIY remedy for pests without proper knowledge has various disadvantages:

This is why you need an expert who knows what they’re doing. In the long run, you would probably save lots of money by preventing pests from growing and damaging your property.

At Tabor Pest Control, we know which areas are the best hiding places for certain pests, so we make sure to apply effective treatments to prevent further infestation and deal with the present pests in a way that’s safe for your family.

Mistake #3: Delaying professional help

A Tabor pest control employee is about to provide pest control services to a homeowner

Once you recognize that you have pests on your property, it would be best to call for experts to deal with it to be on the safer side and have an inspection done.

The following are the benefits of hiring an expert for pest prevention:

When you see hints of pest infestation or the bug season is nearing is the best time to hire a professional to deal with bugs and save you time and energy.

Hiring an expert would be beneficial in finding out when are the peak bug season and which species of pests could cause infestation. They would apply preventive measures to control, manage, minimize, and eliminate several insects and pests from your space.

To hire an expert, call us now at 877-448-2267.

Mistake #4: Not addressing the root cause

Sometimes even when property owners get pest control services done, they would often and quickly face the problem with pests again. It’s not because the professional didn’t do their job correctly, but it’s because homeowners failed to address the root cause of the infestation in the first place.

How clean and properly organized you keep your property matters the most.

Of course, if bugs want to enter your home, they will go through any means, but when we pay attention to keeping things clean, we eradicate 90 percent of the chances of pest infestation.

When your home is cluttered, it’s in the most accessible condition to attract different species of pests and come live there. When one enters, other insects could be easily found inside as well, as they live in a food chain system feeding off each other.

Another root cause is when you don’t get home maintenance done consistently, and this has a greater chance of infestation not being discovered.

A regular inspection can help you discover things faster, preventing property damage.

Address the following issues:

  1. Keep your home organized and clutter-free. Pests could get attracted toward any piles of clothes or waste material.
  2. Keep your home clean, and make sure you clean your kitchen each day before sleeping. Do spring and autumn cleaning, which amounts to two times cleaning of the whole household, including all the nooks.
  3. Timely get your home maintenance. It can help find any existing pests.

Mistake #5 Using harmful chemicals

Most often, when people try to find which effective treatments would kill pests on their property, they search online. Without proper research, people could end up using pesticides which could be pretty harmful to you and your family.

Though pesticides kill or control pests, including bacteria, fungi, other organisms, insects, and rodents, they could be potentially harmful when not used properly.

According to a survey, 75% of U.S. households used at least one pesticide product indoors during the past year. When used indoors, this worsens indoor air quality.

Along with pesticides following are other possible sources that cause harm as well:

In households with children under five years old, almost one-half stored at least one pesticide product within reach of children.

Exposure to such pesticides can irritate the eye, nose, and throat, possibly damaging the central nervous system and kidney and increasing the risk of cancer.

Symptoms that one might suffer include headaches, dizziness, muscular weakness, and nausea.

All of this majorly results from when you don’t know which pesticides to use and in what quantity. Most of the time, you don’t even need to use harsh chemicals to kill pests.

Things to remember when using pesticides:

Here are a few things you need to remember about using chemicals to avoid exposure:

  1. Use according to the directions mentioned on the product’s label.
  2. Mix and dilute outside.
  3. Apply in recommended quantities. If you don’t know about desirable quantity, don’t use it.
  4. Increase ventilation when using pesticides.
  5. Ensure family members and pets are not inside the home when using chemicals.
  6. Use non-chemical methods where possible.
  7. Don’t store pesticides inside the home. Keep them outside in your garage; if not needed, dispose of them carefully without harming the ecosystem.
  8. Keep your home clean and organized by regularly allowing ventilation.

Most importantly, call a professional to prevent chemicals’ harmful and unnecessary use.


What precautions should I take to keep the pests away?

1. Keep your house clean and organized.
2. Avoid any unnecessary pile-up of waste materials of any kind outside the home.
3. Dispose of garbage in a closed bag and put it in a can with a secure lid. Dispose of your waste daily.
4. Avoid accumulation of any water indoors or outdoors.
5. Get any nooks or crannies with spaces in them filled up.
6. Fix any holes in your patio.
7. Keep your doors closed when not in use. Keeping doors and windows closed can get insects to come in easily without notice.
8. Add screens on windows to allow ventilation but not allow any insects to enter.

Protect Your Home & Health: The Advantages of Professional Pest Control

While the fall breeze is a welcoming change for people in southeast Alabama, it increases the pests population like stink bugs, acorn weevils, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, and house spiders, making things worse for property owners.

At the same time, summer is most annoyingly famous for mosquitos, while Spring brings ticks, fleas, wasps, ants, and termites with it in southwest Georgia. 

Battling with such vast species of pests can be challenging on your own, for you must ensure they’re terminated while minimizing damage to your property. Tabor Pest Control has a professional staff with vast expertise and training on these pests to help you achieve just that.

What are the benefits of professional pest control services?

As a property owner, you try to keep things sanitized, ensuring no bugs enter your home or build a colony to destroy your property from within. But you can never be sure because they’ll get in there even through the tiniest cracks you’re unaware of.

For example, stink bugs are considered one of the most difficult pests to deal with, causing a big nuisance in Alabama as they like to cluster on the sunny side of homes for warmth. 

A stink bug on a branch

As weather changes and fall turns up, these annoying bugs would try to get inside your climate-controlled property and cause havoc by flying around once they’ve settled their colony. 

It is difficult to find the right time to apply preventive measures and look for signs of infestation before it can take place. Our team knows how these pests work and can keep you protected. 

Cost-effective solutions 

1. Prevention of property damage 

Pests can enter your home and damage your property, leading to radical restructuring if not taken care of within time. 

A group of termites are eating away at rotting wood and causing property damage to the homeowner

At Tabor, we know when and how to do an effective treatment to minimize considerable damage. We’ll ensure that your property faces minimum damage, so you don’t lose money.

2. Reduction of health risks

Pests can affect your or your family’s health in various ways, such as causing an allergic reaction, respiratory disease, and in general, affecting you mentally. 

A hired professional from Tabor can quickly identify which pest is causing a nuisance in your space and find effective ways to eliminate it.

3. Savings in the long run

Sometimes a whole colony of pests is eating up your home’s foundation without you knowing anything about it. While a one-time pest control service can solve these extreme cases, you must also consider a long-term plan.

Sometimes pests don’t go quickly, and pests might reoccur under certain weather conditions or depending on where your property is located. For such cases having a continual maintenance plan is necessary.

This would save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s difficult to predict the costs as it’s based on the kind of service you’re getting, the size of your property, and the location of your property.

✅ We at Tabor Pest Control understand the value of hard-earned money and quality of work, which is why we are dedicated to providing excellent personal service. If a customer is unsatisfied at any time, Tabor guarantees that its technicians will not return until the problem is solved. If not, Tabor refunds the last service payment plus 10%.

Access to expert knowledge 

1. Identification of pests

A mistake in identifying the kind of pest infesting your house can do more damage to your health and property. It would also lead to using the wrong treatment, which would also be a waste of money.

Tabor has cultivated its employees’ pest control expertise and has built its reputation on their service. 

A pest control employee is using a magnifying glass to identify the type of cockroach he sees, to provide the right pest control services to his customer.

All staff has completed extensive training programs through instruction that includes classroom, online, and hands-on continuing education.

As a result, employees are up-to-date on the latest techniques and products.

An in-depth knowledge about the species of pests helps early detect the kind of weed, insect, animal, microbe, or any other organism. This correct identification can help to quickly handle the situation and use the proper control treatment to eliminate them. 

2. Use of safe and effective treatments

When you identify the pest by yourself, you would just get the kind of treatment you think is right and spray it everywhere, which is a waste of money, resources, and the effectiveness of treatment.

With a professional, the benefit is that we have various ways to remedy the situation. While chemical treatment is one of them, we would try other treatments first.  

Knowing the kind of pest we need to attack in different ways will be used to eliminate its presence. We wouldn’t use unsafe products which could harm your children and pets. 

3. Implementation of preventive measures

Preventive measures include various things such as removing the pests’ food source, blocking their entry and exit, and using fewer pesticides or effective ways to utilize them when needed. 

A professional not only uses chemicals to kill the pests troubling you but also uses other preventive measures to do the job.

Convenience and flexibility

1. Scheduled inspections and treatments

When you get services from a professional at Tabor Pest Control, you can benefit from the scheduled inspections followed by treatments if necessary. 

At Tabor, our customized Home Protection Plan, offered as a monthly or quarterly service, provides that ongoing defense against many of the most common home-invading pests, such as roaches, wasps, rats, mice, ants, crickets, as well as other not-so-common pests

2. Minimal disruption to daily activities

In our day-to-day lives, we already have enough on our plate with responsibilities on both work and personal fronts.

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to check or ensure our property isn’t infested with pests. But with a hired professional, you wouldn’t have to worry as they’re scheduled at specific times, causing minimal disruption to your daily activities.

When the inspections are scheduled, we won’t take a long time at each of these inspections and will be done with things quicker. It will bring you and your family peace of mind helping you not unnecessarily worry about what kinds of pests are lurking around your house. 

3. Availability of emergency services

Pests contain different organisms infecting your property, causing you and your family trouble.

At Tabor Pest Control, we offer our customers free emergency service visits. 

If you encounter pest problems between regular appointments, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call, and we will come right out at no extra cost. 

You just need to sit back and not worry about what kind of pest is infecting your house and which treatment would be effective because we will take care of it all. 

Pros and cons of DIY pest control 

A Tabor Pest Control employee is getting out of his work truck to start doing pest control services at a customers house.

In haste to get rid of pests and to be cost-effective, you try to google a few things and then buy a treatment plan to spray on the pests. 

While you think it’s helping you, you don’t realize that you’re doing more damage to your house with the slightest mistake of failing to recognize the correct pest species. 

Do-it-yourself pest control has its pros and cons before you decide to commit to it. Let’s take a look at some of those down below:

Pros of DIY pest controlCons of DIY pest control
You can save money by buying all the treatment products and eliminating the infestation yourself. You can quickly fail to recognize the pest and thus buy the wrong treatment products wasting your money.
You can buy the highest quality material leaving no room for doubt.Sometimes you don’t even need chemical products to remove the infestation. Professional pest control services can provide other preventive measures to ensure your family’s safety.
You can spray where you think is the best place for infestation, avoiding areas where most of your family members stay.You wouldn’t know the hidden places where the infestation is happening. Not wearing proper gear and poor handling can cause the infestation to spread to other parts of the house. 


When’s the best time to get professional pest control started?

It’s best to hire a professional pest control in early Spring. That’s when you can destroy the colonies and prevent nests from forming. It will last longer as summer is prime time for insects to multiply and form colonies on your property. 

How long does pest control usually take?

It depends majorly on the level of infestation your property is facing and the size of your property. The location is another important factor as some places easily get infested more often than others. 

The kind of treatment would be using pesticides depending on the pest, preventive measures, or a combination of both. 

Preventive measures usually take about 30 minutes, but extermination may need a full day. 

What is the best benefit of pest control services?

The best benefit undoubtedly has to be cost-effectiveness and minimizing damage to your property. By hiring professionals from Tabor Pest Control, you can trust us to know about different pests and how to best terminate them without causing damage to your property. 

In the long run, our services would save you a lot of money as compared to trying to DIY pest control. If not controlled or prevented within time, pests can cause considerable property damage.

What should I expect from Tabor’s professional pest control services?

We at Tabor Pest Control focus on the following:

  1. We Inspect: We will inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems.
  2. We Design: We will conduct a thorough inspection and design our service to eliminate the pests invading your home in various seasons.
  3. We Service: We will service your home with various products.
  4. We Monitor: We will place monitors and traps strategically to catch pests.
  5. We Report: We will report our findings at each service.
  6. We Reservice: At your request, we will reservice your home to control the pest that is being a pest to you.