When mosquitoes become more than just a quick-slap-annoyance, prevent you from enjoying outdoor activities, or keep your children from comfortably playing outside, it’s time to call Tabor.

    While mosquitoes tend to be the most bothersome at twilight and the early morning, conditions around the home can promote their activity all day long, dramatically limiting the enjoyment of your yard both day and night. Although screen enclosures and mosquito machines may act as a deterrent, they are not always the most effective method, especially if an important outdoor celebration is planned.

    Here at Tabor we care about your family’s health, and mosquitoes aren’t just annoying: they can also be dangerous. That is because mosquitoes carry diseases that are harmful to humans and pets. Mosquito-borne diseases include Encephalitis, Dog Heartworm, Malaria, West Nile Virus, Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya.


    Tabor will identify areas in your yard where mosquitoes breed, especially places where there is standing water and excess moisture. We will apply a micro-encapsulated product to all resting and entry points. To help prevent the development of mosquitoes, we also apply an insect growth regulator


    Breeding: Mosquitoes lay hundreds of eggs at a time and gestation only takes about seven days. If they find standing water to breed in, it could mean several generations of mosquitoes in your own back yard. If you are being bitten by mosquitoes near your home, odds are these insects are breeding nearby.

    Clean water: birds baths look great, but they are mosquito swimming pools, so keep water fixtures such as birdbaths and fish ponds clean. Add elements that keep the water moving, such as a fountain, if possible. Tightly cover water storage containers so that mosquitoes cannot get inside to lay eggs. For containers without lids, use wire mesh with holes smaller than an adult mosquito.
    Habitat: Clean gutters and repair leaky pipes and outside faucets regularly to avoid trapping water and creating areas where mosquitoes will potentially breed.
    Maintenance: Maintain your lawns and gardens. Overgrown areas trap moisture where mosquitoes are likely to nest. Fill tree holes with sand or mortar so that water does not collect in them. Fill holes or depressions in your yard where water tends to collect.
    Standing Water: Once a week drain and clean, remove, or throw away items that hold water. These items include pet dishes, buckets, toys, flowerpot saucers, trash containers, wading pools, vases, or anything that may collect water. Remember that mosquitoes lay eggs near water.

    With our mosquito control service, you can spend more time outdoors and send children and pets outside with confidence! We understand that mosquitoes can ruin outdoor fun in an instant. You step outside and you’re under attack, which is frustrating enough. But mosquitoes can also carry disease. That’s why you should get professional help to stop them.